How to Save Money at the Movies

How to Save Money at the Movies



Even though a trip to the movies is a lot less expensive than dinner out or an afternoon at the Fair, people still complain about theater prices. What they often don’t understand, is why theaters charge what they do for tickets and concessions. Just like any business, theater price points are based on fulfillment, maintenance and staffing costs.


To start, delivering movies is an expensive proposition. Just try renting a first-run release from Warner Brothers, and you’ll understand. Movies are works of art that have taken hundreds of hours and millions of dollars to create. The cost to rent them is high, and most of the ticket proceeds, rightly so, go back to the hardworking, creative talent that made them.


Add to this the high cost of maintaining and upgrading projection equipment, and you begin to get a better picture (pun intended)! The film industry is always evolving and experimenting with new technology. This, in turn, requires costly equipment upgrades that can handle new film and audio formats. Unlike old film projectors, which could last for decades, today’s digital projectors, and the computer systems needed to run them, require constant software and hardware upgrades.


And let’s not forget general theater maintenance and staffing costs. The fact is, people don’t treat theaters the way they do their own homes, where stuffing a Butterfingers bar under their seat would be unacceptable. It’s costly to recruit and retain the dedicated theater staff needed to keep everything clean and polished. 


Now that you understand some of our costs, we want you to know that we understand yours as well. We know that going to the movies is about more than just seeing a movie; it’s about getting out of the house and spending time with friends and family. It’s about splurging on popcorn with lots of real butter! Going to the movies remains one of the most enduring family entertainment options around, and as a small town, local theater, our goal is to bring as many of you as possible through our doors. Of course, the larger the group, the more expensive it can be. With this in mind, here are some tips on how you can save money when you to go to the movies.


  • Choose a Matinee showtime. Some theaters limit their matinees to the first show of the day. At Tower Theaters, all shows before 6 PM are matinee priced. 
  • Come to the movies on Discount Tuesday. Every Tuesday we offer discount pricing on all shows, including evening and 3D shows. Once in a while we have a movie from a studio that will not allow the discount, so call ahead if you are concerned.
  • Let us know you are a senior (65 or older) for our senior discount. Seniors never pay full price. Our senior discount is good for all shows, everyday. In addition, we offer extra savings to seniors for the first Matinee shows Monday through Thursday.
  • Show your Military I.D. and receive a discount on your adult evening admission. The military discount ticket price is good for the I.D. holder and one guest.
  • Take advantage of our low price Family Friendly shows. We often schedule at least one Family Friendly show for every new G and PG movie we open. We publish these family friendly show events on FaceBook, so be sure to like us there to see the announcements in our news feeds.

  • Buy Tower Theaters Gift Card during the gift card sales which happen twice a year. Gift cards are good for both movies and concession, do not need to be used in one visit and never expire. We have two annual sales, one in September and one in December. Gift card sale dates are announced in our weekly newsletter. If you’re not already on the list, join here. With a discounted Gift Card, you are saving money every time you come to the movies. 

  • Bring your own bags and share one extra large popcorn rather than buying four medium.
  • Combine buying gift cards while they’re on sale with coming to Matinee or Discount Tuesday Shows and you will save 40% over coming to a full price evening show.

‚ÄčOne thing you should NEVER do to try and save money is smuggle in your own food or drinks. To a movie theater, this is the same as stealing. Theaters rely on concession sales to generate the revenue needed to maintain their state-of-the-art projection equipment, pay studios for their films and retain hard-working staff. THANK YOU for understanding our business model.