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Grow Your Business with TowerTheater’s On-Screen Ads

Cinema advertising provides you with affordable, on-screen marketing that increases awareness and generates revenue opportunities from consumers who live and work in the area where you do business.

Leverage Hollywood’s huge marketing budget. You pay a little while Hollywood spends billions to attract audiences to theaters where they will see your ad. 

Advertising at Tower Theaters will Enable You To:

•   Reach an exceptionally valuable and unique audience.

•   Target multiple demographics with just one investment.

•   Advertise to consumers who live in the same area where you do business.

•   Display your ad to a captive audience.

•   Present your ad on a big screen in a relaxed atmosphere, which delivers your message with higher recall than traditional media.

•   Brand your business by repeated exposure.

Your ad will repeat several times before the start of each movie. Marketers know, repetition builds reputation. Purchasing long-term screen advertising exposure generates brand awareness and delivers the best results.

Our advertisers are local business and organizations. No flashy, large budget national ads run in our loop, so your ad will not be lost in the noise of big business. In fact, it will run alongside our Shop Local public service ads which cite the advantages of thinking and shopping local.


Cinema Advertising vs. OtherForms of Media

NEWSPAPERS: The lack of clutter alone makes on-screen advertising more effective. On the big screen your ad stands out and is the only one seen for at least 10 seconds. In newspapers, your ad often ends up getting lost in the clutter of several other ads, or is placed in a section of the newspaper that your customers throw away without reading.

BILLBOARDS: With on screen advertising, there are no distractions associated with outdoor advertising such as traffic, radios, cell phones, passengers, and diverse driving conditions. Also, billboard viewers include travelers and commuters outside of your geographic area who are unlikely to be a part of your customer base.

RADIO: People usually have only two or three theaters to choose from, compared to dozens of radio stations that can be scanned through to avoid commercials. Plus, radio zones tend to be larger than your targeted geographical area, resulting in wasted investment.  

TELEVISION: Television is similar to radio in that there are so many channels and so many ads. Most consumers admit to channel surfing during commercial breaks. TV zones are also much larger than your intended geographic target, again resulting in wasted investment.  


Demographic Breakdown

Tower Theaters sees over 30,000 people come through its doors annually and is perfectly placed to have a diverse yet localized audience that is ideal for your advertising goals.

Our regional breakdown of customers:

South Hadley, Granby, Belchertown      33%

Holyoke, Chicopee, Springfield,
and West Springfield      40%

Easthampton, Northampton, 

Amherst, and Hadley                               20%

Located within 11 miles of all five major area colleges, a further 7% of our customers are in the area temporarily for vacation, to visit local colleges, or attending graduations or reunions. This means that in addition to a loyal base of local customers, we have a constant stream of people come through our door who are visiting the area and looking for things to do and see while here.


Tickets Sales Continue to Increase

In spite of device proliferation and an increasing number of streaming services, Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) data shows that the entertainment industry, and movie theaters in particular, continue to see increased ticket sales. In 2018,1.3 billion Americans went to the movies, up 7% from 2017 and up 4% compared to 2016. Cinema’s success is driven by powerful storytelling and consumers’ desire to unplug, relax and share experiences with friends and family.


With Tower Theaters’ On-Screen Advertising:

•   Your business will be displayed on our big screens to an attentive audience without any additional clutter around it.

•   Your message will be prominent. All of our ads are for local businesses and organizations. There are no flashy, high-production, corporate commercials diluting your message.

•   You will build brand awareness through repetition. Ads runs 10-15 seconds on both screens as part of a 5-7 minute ad loop that plays 3-4 times before every movie. Given that people tend to show up, on average, 15 minutes before a movie, most customers will see your ad at least three times.

•   You don’t need to be tech savvy to create your ad. We can design and maintain your ad for you. All you need to do is provide us with the graphics and copy you wish to include.

Movie Facts:

•   Moviegoing is the #1 away from home leisure activity in America.1

•   Moviegoers represent a younger, more diverse and more affluent audience.2

•   Movie theaters continue to draw more people annually than all theme parks and major sporting events combined.3

•   Moviegoers are out and about: 42% eat before or after a movie and 16% go shopping before or after a movie. 4

• Movie goers are more adventurous, tech savvy, peer leaders who follow the trends.



SETUP: The setup fee for new ads is $40. This covers the time for design and placement of the ad and any adjustments. This fee is waived with twelve month contracts.

TWELVE MONTH RUNS: $150.00 per month; no setup fee.

$175.00 per month; $40 setup fee.


Changing Your Ad

To keep your ad fresh, you can change it twice at no charge with a one year contract. With six month contracts, or a third ad change, the set-up fee is $40. Run a second screen ad and save 25%.


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